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Mashups: The Avengers

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ABC recently confirmed that the dream of most Avengers fans is coming true at long last: The Avengers have found their way to primetime TV! Better yet, the new series, which will follow the adventures of as-yet unannounced S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, will be helmed by none other than the brilliant Joss Whedon! Let’s celebrate with some Avengers-themed mashups!

Admittedly, The Justice Friends are more of an homage to The Avengers than a mashup.


Posters That I Kinda Wish Were Real

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In my day…

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A Monomyth Meme

August 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Saw this and was reminded of the “monomyth” theory (A.K.A. “the hero’s journey”) that Joseph Campbell described in The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Great book, interesting theory. A must-read (or at least skim) for geeks of all kinds.

Mash-Up Monday: Pokémon meets Hollywood

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What time is it? Smash Time!

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News flash! This just in from the Department of Redundancy Department!

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